Commercial BER Assessor Kilkenny

When a non-domestic property is to be sold, rented out, or occupied for the first time, a Commercial BER Cert is necessary. We offer Commercial BER Assessments in Kilkenny.

BER Assessors Kilkenny specialises in all types of commercial buildings, from small premises to hotels and industrial buildings. If you have any questions, please contact us directly by phone or email.

Every time a commercial property or a unit is put up for sale or rent, a Commercial BER Cert is necessary. Located in Kilkenny, we are in the best position to supply your BER quickly and affordably.

We will come to your property and carry out a thorough on-site survey in order to obtain your Commercial BER cert. The property is measured, sketched, and portions of walls, ceilings, floors, and window and door openings are also noted during the assessment. The Assessor will look into the systems for heating, hot water, lighting, and insulation in buildings. Because the BER survey is non-intrusive and we are not allowed to drill holes in walls or take apart panels to look at levels of insulation, the assessor will use defaults based on SEAI rules if this information is not easily accessible or documented in a specified format.

Our Assessors will begin working on the assessment once the survey is finished . To ensure accuracy, they will draw the building using computer-aided design software and calculate the sizes of each level, ceiling, roof, wall, window, and door as well as their construction materials and age range. The assessor will then use the SEAI-approved software to develop a model of the unit and insert other building information, such as the heating, hot water, and lighting systems.

After all the data has been entered and verified the rating that results is computed. From A1 through G, the ratings are given, with A1 being the highest. A BER Cert must also be issued, as well as an advisory report. The SEAI-approved software application automatically generates the advisory report, and the assessor has some editorial control over it. You are then provided with your Commercial BER Certificate and rating. Contact us to make an appointment today.